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Well what's up everybody? I play the drums (Who cares?) Oh, yeah and more importantly, I am single!!!!!! So all the ladies in the house need to email me I spend most of my time with music, playing it and appreciating it. Some of my personal music influences includes The Suicide Machines, 311, Blink 182, Avail, Sick of it All, and just about every contemporary hit that is on the radio. (if you didn\rquote t know I am a part time D.J.) Another hobby of mine is cars. I like 'em fast and sleek! Some of my fav's include Acura, Honda, Saab, BMW, and VW. American cars are ok but they are nothing compared to an import.(AKA crap - ed.)As far as drums go I currently use a Tama 4 pc kit. Tama is not my favorite make of drums, but they do nice on an 18 year old's budget However I do live by the names of a few brands I only use Evans heads, Pro- Mark sticks and Zildjian Cymbals Also I live by my DW pedals and Roc -N- Soc drum throne. On a final note, I hate most people, now this may come off as odd, but honestly most people are ignorant, and nothing bothers me more than ignorant people!