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005.....Hmmm. yea thats me. Oh, thats right, you dont know me... Well obviously im the guitarist for Rinse 'n Spit. Im supposed to clue you in as to just what I REALLY do... Well, I cant really say without jeopardizing my safety...lets just leave it at that. Lets see, what else can I disclose without endangering myself.... MUSIC! I like music. Music is good. I listen to all kinds of music. Lately I've been listening to the new Rollins Band disc, 'Get Some Go Again'. Its good if you like straight-forward Rock 'n Roll... I'm all about it. I've also been into Social Distortion lately, they're good. I want to buy more Rockabilly stuff... I dig the whole attitude that its done with...I want THAT. Where do I get the attitude from?? Or maybe its the hair..

Anyway, when Im NOT writing songs, or updating the page, I enjoy working out (which, by the way, I only recently started) sometimes I really DONT enjoy it, but I do it anyway...I race for Honda** and Jammin' with friends. My biggest guitar influences are, Stephen Egerton (Descendents) Pete Koller (Sick of it All) Tim Mahoney (311) and Jimi Hendrix (DUH!!) and Mike Ness...(If you have to ask who he is...just quit listening to punk music) My favorite bands are those listed above, as well as alot of others; N.I.V., Strongarm, Zao, Ben Harper, The Crucified, Pulley, Sixer, Pollen,...just to name a few. Well Im all out... I'll meet you at the food court.

** Not in 'Real life', Just on Gran Tourismo...