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My name is Josh. I am a geek. Are you a geek? I like fishing and no wait a minute, no I don't! I like music and I am in a band (but really who isn't). I like to try to sing. I also like Scooby Doo. My turn-offs are smoking and bad breath. I don't know what else to write. I am from Danville as anyone who is reading this probably doesn't know. I just joined the band this summer and it has been loads of fun ever since. I like um... MxPx, (I know that I suck) but that'is the truth. They are a big inspiration to me. I like Operation Ivy, and the Descendents, Cootees (ahh they probably suck too don't they?) Oh well I am sticking to what I like because I'ts my opinion. Homegrown, I like them. But believe it or not I like a lot of different kinds of music. I like blues and I like really melow stuff like the Counting Crows and even the Cranberries (oh no!) I am influenced by many different things. I have a pet. Just one though, Cinder my cat. Actually he is my sisters, but he is the household pet. Well that is about it.